Pin-Up Clothing Sources

Happy almost February everyone! (We’re in that awkward time where we can’t say Happy New Year anymore but it’s still too early for Valentine’s day. What’s a girl to do?)

I love me some etsy!  ( If you haven’t heard of it, etsy is a place where people that make things go to sell said things. It’s like the internets flea market only with cute stuff instead. It’s where I get most of my jewelry and the majority of my home decor. (Ok, I haven’t decorated my house yet…but everything I’ve picked out is on etsy and that totally counts.)

What this has to do with you is that etsy is an amazing source of inspiration for your boudoir session! I’ve gathered a few things from etsy that inspire boudoir sessions to me that will hopefully inspire you too! Just click on the images to be taken to the shop of the item. (And remember, behind each picture is an entire shop of more inspiration).

I absolutely adore the Iconic Style shop! Nikki Fowler makes affordable custom vintage dresses. Remember, you can be especially sexy while fully dressed. Did I mention about 95% of the CUSTOM dresses are less than $100? This one makes me picture a playful sultry picnic scene!

If Mad Men’s Joan is your hero like she is mine then you’ll find any of the dresses at SHE by Cindy absolutely swoon worthy.

Ok, one last vintage inspiration then I’ll move on, I promise! (I’m desperately awaiting the return of Mad Men can’t you tell?) The photo I’ve chosen from Fables by Barrie is pin-up perfect. I conveniently lost my bathing suit last fall so….

The custom corsets at Glamtastik are to die for and bring just enough Las Vegas into the mix to really push the entire ensemble over the top while remaining in good taste.

For something a little bit more gentle and feminine I love the french inspired line at Hopeless.

Sandmaiden Sleepwear  has uber feminine sleepwear sets that just make you just want to put a flower in your hair! (Maybe it’s just me)

Speaking of flowers in your hair BE something new sells the cutest girly earthy headbands available on etsy (and believe me as a big fan of headbands I’ve searched that place top to bottom).

Happy inspiration hunting!


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  1. great blog, thanks for including my headband!

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